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Table 2 Technical specifications, typical training preparation time and walking speed of the VariLeg prototype

From: Development of VariLeg, an exoskeleton with variable stiffness actuation: first results and user evaluation from the CYBATHLON 2016

Specifications Unit  
Weight kg 35
Max. cont. joint torque Nm 89.6
Max. joint velocity rpm 19.5
Max. knee joint stiffness Nm/rad 380
Battery life h 1.5–2
Typical preparation time Min 30
Typical don/doff time Min 10
Typical walking speed m/s 0.2
Typical stride frequency Hz 3
Maximum step length m 0.5
Hip width m 0.345 – 0.400
Thigh length m 0.435 – 0.495
Shank length m 0.380 – 0.440