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Table 3 Single Case Analyses

From: Post-stroke unilateral spatial neglect: virtual reality-based navigation and detection tasks reveal lateralized and non-lateralized deficits in tasks of varying perceptual and cognitive demands

  1. Single-case analysis of participants with history of USN vs. those with actual USN on testing, vs. USN- group, and vs. HC group (as control data); and single USN- participants vs. HC group (as control data) on the performance of navigation task in the Remembered and Shifting conditions to the left target at −30°. History (Hx); Subject (S); Subjects with post-stroke USN (USN+); Subjects post-stroke without USN (USN-); Healthy controls (HC); Unilateral spatial neglect (USN); Light grey selections represent individual cases whose performance is considerably worse than the comparison group (p < 0.05); Star symbols indicate p-value < 0.05 (*), < 0.01 (**) and < 0.001(***)