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Table 1 List of inclusion and exclusion details

From: Trends in robot-assisted and virtual reality-assisted neuromuscular therapy: a systematic review of health-related multiplayer games

Area Inclusion details
Population Healthy, obesity, motor impairments, cognitive impairments, stroke, elderly people
Study type Intervention studies of any type, including case studies and non-randomized trials
Intervention Competition, collaboration, cooperation, coopetition, competitive behavior, collaborative behavior, exergame, multi-player-exergame, serious game, rehabilitative game/exergame, education game, computerized training, robot-assisted rehabilitation, robot-aided rehabilitation, virtual reality, virtual reality therapy, virtual world, social community, community integration, virtual community, video-game based
Outcomes Persuasion, compliance, motivation, engagement, effort, adherence, therapy progress, therapy success
  Exclusion details
  Reviews, animal studies, concept studies, feasibility studies, human-machine interaction, methodological theoretical or discussion papers