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Table 2 Description of temporal and force parameters

From: Bimanual coordination during a physically coupled task in unilateral spastic cerebral palsy children

Parameters Description
Time Parameters  
t 1 Onset of grasp force >0.2N
t 2 Onset of loading, load force >0.2N
t 3 Time when the cube is fully lifted off the table
t 4 Onset of static phase, cube stops moving upwards
t 5 Onset of unloading, cube starts moving downwards
t 6 Time when cube first touched the table
t 7 Cube fully unloaded on the table
t 8 Grasp force fully released
Force Parameters  
f 1 Grasp force at the onset of positive load force (N)
f 2 Peak grasp force (N)
f 3 Grasp at the onset of cube’s contact with of table (N)
f 4 Reversed force during unloading (N)