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Table 3 Derived stimulation Parameters

From: Safety of long-term electrical peripheral nerve stimulation: review of the state of the art

Label Derivation Parameter Unit
c \( \mathrm{I}/{\mathrm{I}}^{\hbox{'}} \) Amplitude of stimulating and reversal phase ratio unitless
O \( \mathrm{S}/\mathrm{P} \) Percentage of effective stimulation time %
Q I ∙ D Charge of stimulating phase nC
QD \( \left(\mathrm{I}\bullet \mathrm{D}\right)/\mathrm{A} \) Charge of stimulating phase per unit area nC/cm2
T \( \mathrm{S}/\mathrm{P} \) Train duration s
wF FO Weighted frequency of effective stimulation Hz