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Fig. 4

From: A postural unloading task to assess fast corrective responses in the upper limb following stroke

Fig. 4

Standardized stroke performance on the tasks with the affected arm. Overall task score and parameter Z-scores are presented. Dotted lines represent the cutoff values (1.96 for task score and 1.65 for Z-scores). The comparison for Joint Velocity Offset (elbow loads) is two-tailed so Z-score cut off values were − 1.96 and + 1.96. Triangles reflect individual stroke participants: right-facing is right affected and left-facing are left affected participants. Based on whether the participant exceeded the cut off values on each task they are colour-coded in 4 quadrants: failed both tasks (blue), failed Unload Task only (red), failed Load Task only (grey), passed both tasks (white)

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