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Table 1 Demographics of cSCI participants. S, speech; PO, physical/occupational; R, recreational; Ps, psychological; V, vocational; D, dietary

From: A suite of automated tools to quantify hand and wrist motor function after cervical spinal cord injury

LevelAgeSexASIAComplete?Trauma?Months since InjuryRehabilitationSurgeries
C469FBIY99S, PO, R, Ps, DSpinal fusion
C428MDIY5PO, RSpinal fusion
C2-C621FIN20PO, R, PsNone
C521MBIY43S, PO, RSpinal fusion
C5-C634MIY65PO, R, PsSpinal fusion
C5-C641MBIY31S, PO, RSpinal fusion, suprapubic catheter
C622MBIY45S, PO, R, Ps, V, DSpinal fusion
C622MCIY57POSpinal fusion
C6-C725MCIY40S, PO, RSpinal fusion
C741FIY246PO, RBilateral tendon transfer, autologous stem cell transplant
C745FIY118S, PO, Ps, VSpinal fusion
C726MACY54PO, R PsSpinal fusion