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Table 2 Categorization of professions in stakeholder groups for analysis

From: Technology-aided assessments of sensorimotor function: current use, barriers and future directions in the view of different stakeholders

Stakeholder category Selected profession (Q6)
Clinician - Medical doctor - Therapist (clinic-focused) - Therapist (research-focused)
Research Engineer - Engineer (academic or non-profit institution research)
Basic Scientist - Neuroscientist - Other (free text) with the keyword (Mov* Scien* OR Clin* Scien*) AND NOT Indus* (e.g., movement scientist, clinical scientist)
Medical Industry - Engineer (medical industry) - Manager (medical industry) - Sales representative of medical technologies - Other (medical industry) - Other (free text) with the keyword Indus* (e.g., therapist in industry)
Hospital Administrator - Hospital / clinic administrator
Policy Maker - Policy maker (e.g., work for a government organization) - Insurance representative
Patient Receiving therapy due to a neuromuscular disorder (Q3).
Other None of the above