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Fig. 3

From: Large-scale changes in cortical dynamics triggered by repetitive somatosensory electrical stimulation

Fig. 3

Changes in Spike Field Coherence (SFC) after SES. a, Schematic depicting neural spikes relative to LFP recordings from M1. b, Schematic of the relation of spiking to LFP for variations in the SFC. c, Comparison of the averaged SFC across each frequency band (see Methods) for all units before and after SES. (*p < 0.001). Error bars represent the standard error of the mean or SEM. d, Percentage of neurons which significantly increased, decreased, or had no change for all animals (n = 7). e, Violin plot of the SFC fold change relative to baseline for all neurons. A value of 1 represents a doubling of the SFC. f, Example single neuron and all neuron SFC plot for one animal. The grey box highlights 0.3–4 Hz band. Error bars are SEM. g, Mean SFC plot for all animal including all neurons (n = 214, *p < 0.001). Follows convention from f

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