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Table 2 Dynamic parameters of the STS exoskeleton with all leg lengths set to L=0.42m

From: Model-based control for exoskeletons with series elastic actuators evaluated on sit-to-stand movements

part mass center of mass (x,y) w.r.t. joint rotational inertia
left foot 1.21kg (0.09217,−0.0690)m 0.00849kgm2
left lower leg 1.88kg (0.1883,0.0109)m 0.0105kgm2
left upper leg 2.53kg (0.2268,0.0088)m 0.01529kgm2
right foot 1.19kg (0.09121,−0.0686)m 0.00792kgm2
right lower leg 1.96kg (0.1826,−0.0067)m 0.0118kgm2
right upper leg 2.47kg (0.2301,0.0152)m 0.01568kgm2
pelvis 1.59kg (0.113,−0.072)m 0.0072kgm2