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Table 3 High-level controller: event detection/prediction

From: Model-based control for exoskeletons with series elastic actuators evaluated on sit-to-stand movements

event detection/prediction
e_start_sit_to_stand \(\dot {q}_{hip} > 14.3 \deg /s\)
predict seat-off time tso t@ max(qhip,predicted)
e_seatoff_detected max(qhip,buffered[t])== max(qhip,buffered[t + 1])
e_detect_start_assistance tsotcurrent<0.11s or ANN [54]
e_assistance_done τas==0
e_finish_sit_to_stand qi close to qi,stand
e_start_stand_to_sit qknee<−28.6 deg and \(\dot {q}_{knee} < -17.2 \deg /s\)
e_seatdown_detected qknee<−68.8 deg
e_finish_stand_to_sit qknee<−77.3 deg and \(|\dot {q}_{knee}| < 5.7 \deg /s\)
e_error any encoder, controller or prediction error