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Table 1 Summary of selected previous studies on kinematic hand grasp synergies

From: Kinematic synergies of hand grasps: a comprehensive study on a large publicly available dataset

Study Subjects Description of the task Summary of the results
Santello et al. [4] 5 Grasp and use of 57 imagined objects Two main synergies accounted for more than 80% of the overall variation.
Mason et al. [9] 5 5 reach-to-grasp movements with similar objects First synergy accounted for more than 97% of the total variance.
Liu et al. [10] 10 Grasp six objects changing relative position of hand-objects The first six PCs accounted for more than 80% of the total variance.
Jarrassé et al. [11] 10 Grasp postures of nine objects Four postural synergies were found: the first and second PCs accounted for approximately 90% of the total variance.
Patel et al. [8] 10 Twenty-five grasping movements Only 10 DoF were considered. First synergy accounted for approximately 54% of the variance.
Thakur et al. [6] 8 Haptic exploration over 50 objects Grasping postures with few objects Seven synergies were extracted for the explanation of over 90% of the total variance.
Todorov et al. [12] 6 Seven tasks Between two and four synergies (depending on the task) accounted for 85–95% of the overall variance.