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Table 2 Criteria for suitability of siFES to treat drop foot in individual patients. BMRC British Medical Research Council. MS multiple sclerosis

From: Long-term outcomes of semi-implantable functional electrical stimulation for central drop foot

Indication criteria Contraindication for siFES
- Benefit from tcFES - Contracture of ankle
- Drop foot (dorsiflexion or eversion BMRC 0/5–4/5 impairing ambulatory ability) - High risk for anesthesia
- Range of ankle movement at least 30° - Pregnancy
- First motor neuron lesion (ischemic or hemorrhagic stroke or MS) - Uncontrollable epilepsy with grand mal seizures
- Initial event of drop foot at least 6 months previously - Inability to give informed consent
- Ability to walk 20 m unassisted - Drop foot due to second motor neuron lesion
- Completed rehabilitation