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Fig. 8

From: Influences of the biofeedback content on robotic post-stroke gait rehabilitation: electromyographic vs joint torque biofeedback

Fig. 8

Mood, satisfaction and motivation data are detailed. Upper part of the figure (a) reports visual Analogue Scale (VAS) scales results about motivation, mood and satisfaction for the 10 patients’ cohort, while lower part of the figure (b) reports Questionnaire of current motivation (QCM) data for the 10 patients’ cohort. Red columns refer to EMGb Lokomat trainings, while black one to Rb Lokomat trainings. For both EMGb and Rb groups, light columns represent data score before 6 Lokomat trainings, while the darkest ones scores after 6 Lokomat trainings. Statistical significance are reported for the comparison EMGb_pre vs EMGb_post and Rb_pre vs Rb_post (*: p < 0.05, **: p < 0.005, ***: p < 0.001)

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