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Table 2 Surgical interventions

From: Tarsal fusion for pes equinovarus deformity improves gait capacity in chronic stroke patients

Patient Surgical interventions
1 Talonavicular arthrodesis, interphalangeal arthrodesis of hallux, tenotomy of toe flexors
2 Talonavicular and calcaneocuboid arthrodesis, gastrocnemicus slide
3 Talonavicular arthrodesis
4 Talonavicular arthrodesis, gastrocnemicus slide, tenotomy of toe flexors II-V
5 Talonavicular arthrodesis, gastrocnemius slide, tenotomy of toe flexor II
6 Talonavicular arthrodesis, gastrocnemicus slide
7 Talonavicular arthrodesis, lengthening of the extensor hallux longus muscle, interphalangeal arthrodesis I-III, tenotomy of toe flexors
8 Talonavicular arthrodesis
9 Talonavicular arthrodesis, gastrocnemicus slide, osteotomy metatarsal I, tenotomy of toe flexors
10 Talonavicular arthrodesis, interphalangeal arthrodesis of hallux