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Table 3 ANOVA results with the inclusion/exclusion of each identified outlier trial

From: Effects of extended powered knee prosthesis stance time via visual feedback on gait symmetry of individuals with unilateral amputation: a preliminary study

Response Measure Included/excluded outlier trial Device
main effect
main effect
Perceived difficulty Included 0.157 <0.001 0.639
Excluded 0.300 <0.001 0.507
Prosthesis-side peak braking force Included 0.541 0.272 0.866
Excluded 0.607 0.252 0.839
Intact-side peak hip power Included 0.864 0.080 0.997
Excluded 0.840 0.074 0.979
  1. In total, we identified 3 outlier trials in 3 response variables (i.e. perceived difficulty, prosthesis-side peak braking force, intact-side peak hip power). However, the inclusion/exclusion of these identified outlier trials did not affect the significance of our results (below), so we did not exclude any trials. Because these outlier trials were not outliers in any other response variable, the removal of identified outliers may remove valuable information from this study as a whole