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Table 2 Number of participants achieving skills in ReWalk without assistance

From: Retraining walking over ground in a powered exoskeleton after spinal cord injury: a prospective cohort study to examine functional gains and neuroplasticity

# Donning/Doffing # Walking # Home environment
6/11 Transfer to/from device 9/11 Sit-stand transitions 9/9 Reach high cupboard
10/11 Attach chest straps 10/11 Turn L & R 180° 0/9 Reach low cupboard
9/11 Attach thigh straps 11/11 Stop when walking 6/9 Open/close fridge door
2/11 Attach leg straps 11/11 25 steps - no stops 9/9 Use stove
1/11 Insert & extract foot 9/11 6 min – no rest 9/9 Use sink
   6/11 10 m on carpet   
   3/9 Up and down ramps   
   8/9 Use wrist controls   
   8/10 Concrete, asphalt, dirt, grass   
  1. The Column # refers to the number of participants who could perform the task without assistance/number who were tested on the task. Differences in the latter number is because some individuals were not deemed safe to try the tasks