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Table 1 Descriptions of Smart Board evaluation tasks and parameters

From: Effects of virtual reality-based planar motion exercises on upper extremity function, range of motion, and health-related quality of life: a multicenter, single-blinded, randomized, controlled pilot study

Task Parameter Description
Free exploration Explored area ratio (%) The ratio of (a) the area the participant covers to (b) the area required to be filled
Reaching distance (cm) The mean reaching distance in all directions
Completion time (s) The time required to finish the test
Point-to-point reaching Target error (cm) The linear deviation between (a) the target and (b) the point where the speed drops to below 5% of the maximum speed
Movement time (s) The mean time to reach the target
Smoothness The normalized jerk by integrating the absolute jerk value over all routes
Circle drawing Shape closeness The measure of closeness between (a) the target shape (circle) and (b) the shape drawn by the participant
Roundness The measure of how closely the shape drawn by the participant approaches that of a mathematically perfect circle
Completion time (s) The time required to draw the circle