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Table 2 Demographic, Clinical and Actigraphic Characteristics of the Controls

From: Actigraphic measurement of the upper limbs movements in acute stroke patients

ControlAge (years)GenderOrthopedic interventionAR1_24hAR2_24h
0165Mhip replacement− 26.3%−1.2%
0272Fknee replacement24.8%20.2%
0368Fknee replacement−19.7%−13.4%
0477Fhip replacement31.9%10.9%
0568Mhip replacement−0.8%−1.7%
0671Fknee replacement44.6%−10.8%
0769Fhip replacement−0.1%−14.0%
0862Mhip replacement−22.1%0.1%
0971Mhip replacement−39.2%−21.1%
1075Fhip replacement4.4%−0.4%
1160Fknee replacement3.1%4.6%
1275Mhip replacement1.7%−16.5%
1375Fhip replacement2.6%−10.8%
1470Mknee replacement20.3%18.8%
1574Fhip replacement30.5%8.3%
1674Mhip replacement−6.8%−3.9%
1771Fknee replacement2.6%11.3%
Summary row (mean ± SD or range)70.4 ± 4.87 M
10 F
11 hip replacement
6 knee replacement
[−39.2 44.6]%[−21.1 20.2]%
  1. AR1_24h = Asymmetry Rate Index of the MAe1 index for the 24 h period, AR2_24h = Asymmetry Rate Index of the MAe2 index for the 24 h period.