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Fig. 3

From: Offline effects of transcranial direct current stimulation on reaction times of lower extremity movements in people after stroke: a pilot cross-over study

Fig. 3

(a) Mirror activity (EMG amplitude) in the non-instructed leg as a percentage of baseline activity (mean + SD). A value above 0% indicates a proportional increase in activity compared to baseline. (b) Individual effect of c-tDCS on paretic TA onset latency relative to individual effect of c-tDCS on mEMG amplitude in the non-paretic TA. Effect of c-tDCS is defined as outcome of sham-tDCS minus outcome of c-tDCS. Thus, a value > 0 indicates faster onset latencies after c-tDCS. mEMG values of > 0 indicate a decrease of mEMG during c-tDCS

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