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Table 1 Demographic and clinical details of patients

From: Development of a new high sensitivity mechanical switch for augmentative and alternative communication access in people with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

PatientTypeGenderAge (yrs)Disease duration (months)Residual MovementStrength of residual movementALSFRS-RPrevious Switch (failed)
1SpinalM6055Ring flex31MicroLight
2SpinalM6284Middle flex43Platform
3SpinalM5984Thumb add43Pillow
4BulbarF6124Middle flex39Squarepad
5BulbarF7333Index flex39MicroLight
6BulbarF6920Thumb add48MicroLight
7BulbarF7022Index flex37Roundpad
8SpinalM6481Middle flex38Roundpad
9SpinalM4238Index flex32MicroLight
10SpinalM4430Index flex52Pillow
11SpinalM5190Middle flex29Plate
12SpinalM8431Index flex29Plate
13SpinalM6729Thumb add31Pillow
14SpinalM4268Index flex42Pillow
15SpinalM4480Index flex42Roundpad
16SpinalM7524Thumb add32MicroLight
17SpinalF5022Index flex42Pillow
18SpinalF6638Middle flex48Squarepad
19SpinalM5060Middle flex617Platform
20SpinalM6586Middle flex616Platform
Mean  59.9049.95Median3.505.00 
SD  11.9726.27IQR3–42–9 
  1. IQR Interquartile range, flex flexion, add adduction. Strength of residual movement was measured by the 11-level Kendall scale for thumb and fingers strength: score from 0 (= no muscle contraction) to 10 (= normal strength)