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Table 3 Comparison of the proposed instrument with the Warner amplifier and the bioamplifier included in Powerlab 26 T

From: A high-performance 8 nV/√Hz 8-channel wearable and wireless system for real-time monitoring of bioelectrical signals

ParametersWarner amplifierBioamp in Powerlab 26 TThis work
Number of channels125 (+ 3)
Type of biosignalsEEG, ECG, extracellular spikesECG, EMG, EEGExG, ECoG, LFP, ERNA, body position and movement, PV ectopic activity (+ amperometric/potentiometric)
Supply of the ADC±10 V±2.5 V
Voltage gain40–80 dB54–100 dB60 dB
Input voltage range±1 mV to ±100 mV±100 μV to ±20 mV±2.3 mV
Maximum available bandwidthDC to 10 kHzFull bandwidth0.5–500 Hz
Input impedance1000 GΩ100 MΩ200 GΩ
Input referred noise1.52 μV rms
(1 Hz-10 kHz)
<  1 μV rms
(0.5–2 kHz)
0.169 μV rms
(0.5–500 Hz)
DC tolerance±3 V±300 mV±85 mV
CMRR100 dB110 dB134 dB
Maximum resolution of the ADCPurely analog output16 bits24 bits
Maximum sampling frequencyPurely analog output100 kSPS1 kSPS (32 kSPS for wired)
Hours of continuous operation200 (4 batteries 9 V)Mains powered8 (1 Ah lithium battery)
Wireless capabilityNoNoYes (Zigbee)
Area (length × width)350 cm2500 cm244 cm2 (PCB area)