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Table 4 Comparison of the proposed instrument with commercial (portable and implantable) wireless biopotential acquisition systems

From: A high-performance 8 nV/√Hz 8-channel wearable and wireless system for real-time monitoring of bioelectrical signals

ParametersTMSI MobitaTMSI MobiActiva PC + SThis work
Number of channels326 (+ 4)25 (+ 3)
Type of biosignalsExG, body position and movementExG, (+ temperature, respiration, body position and movement)LFP/ECoGExG, ECoG, LFP, ERNA, body position and movement, PV ectopic activity (+ amperometric/potentiometric)
Supply of the ADC±2 V±2 V1.7–2.2 V±2.5 V
Voltage gain20 dB26 dB48–66 dB60 dB
Input voltage range±200 mV±100 mV±500 μV to ±4.4 mV (for 2.2 V supply)±2.3 mV
Maximum available bandwidthDC up to 0.13 × sample frequency0.5–260 Hz0.5–500 Hz
Input impedance>  100 MΩ>  100 MΩ200 GΩ
Input referred noise<  0.4 μV rms (0.1–10 Hz)<  1 μV rms<  1 μV rms0.169 μV rms (0.5–500 Hz)
DC tolerance±85 mV
CMRR>  100 dB>  90 dB>  80 dB134 dB
Maximum resolution of the ADC24 bits24 bits10 bits24 bits
Maximum sampling frequency2000 SPS2048 SPS422 SPS1 kSPS (32 kSPS for wired)
Hours of continuous operation6 to 8 (4.1 Ah lithium battery)- (2 AA batteries)8 (1 Ah lithium battery)
Wireless capabilityYes (Wi-Fi)Yes (Bluetooth)Yes (175 kHz near-field inductive)Yes (Zigbee)
Area (length × width)105 cm2112 cm239 cm244 cm2 (PCB area)