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Table 6 Comparison of the proposed instrument’s AFE with state-of-the-art ASICs for biopotential signal acquisition (note that, as anticipated, a tradeoff exists between ultra-low power consumption (state-of-the-art ASICs) and superior noise performance (proposed instrument’s AFE))

From: A high-performance 8 nV/√Hz 8-channel wearable and wireless system for real-time monitoring of bioelectrical signals

Parameters[46][47][48][49][50]This work
Supply0.2/0.8 V1 V1.8 V1.8 V3 V±5 V
Technology0.18 μm CMOS0.18 μm CMOS0.8 μm CMOS0.18 μm CMOS0.5 μm CMOS
Voltage gain776 V/V100 V/V100 V/V3–100 V/V10 V/V1000 V/V
Input impedance≈ 100 MΩ>  700 MΩ>  7.5 MΩ>  2 GΩ>  100 MΩ200 GΩ
Input referred noise0.94 μV rms
(0.5–670 Hz)
1.3 μV rms
(0.5–100 Hz)
0.95 μV rms
(0.05–100 Hz)
0.8 μV rms
(0.5–100 Hz)
0.6 μV rms
(0.5–100 Hz)
85 nV rms
(0.5–100 Hz)
DC toleranceRail-to-rail±50 mVRail-to-rail±50 mV±85 mV
CMRR85 dB60 dB100 dB82 dB120 dB134 dB
Current≈ 1 μA3.5 μA1.1 μA11 μA11.1 μA≈ 2.5 mA