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Table 2 Clinical characteristics of the study participants

From: Development of 3D-printed myoelectric hand orthosis for patients with spinal cord injury

ParticipantsAgeGenderASIA Impairment ScaleNLIYears Since InjuryFinger Flexor Motor gradeaFinger Flexor Spasticity (MAS)
143FemaleASIA DC417 years11
236MaleASIA AC514 years10
365MaleASIA AC428 years00
452MaleASIA AC726 years20
551MaleASIA AC615 years21
663MaleASIA CC65 years31+
756MaleASIA CC528 years11
831MaleASIA BC65 years20
951MaleASIA BC617 years11
1053MaleASIA CC723 years00
  1. ASIA American Spinal Injury Association, NLI Neurological Level of Injury, MAS Modified Ashworth scale
  2. aThe motor grade was evaluated using manual muscle testing developed by the Medical Research Council [31]