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Table 3 TRI-HFT of the study participants at before and after wearing the orthosis

From: Development of 3D-printed myoelectric hand orthosis for patients with spinal cord injury

Base-lineAssisted with orthosis
First Part: Object Manipulation
1. Mug3.55.60.035
2. Paper3.25.20.047
3. Book2.33.80.126
4. Ziploc bag3.24.60.047
5. Pop can2.84.60.047
6. Dice2.95.60.035
7. Sponge2.44.80.047
8. Credit card3.13.60.574
9. Mobile phone2.93.20.522
10. Pencil3.14.00.246
Total score for the First Part29.445.00.007
Second Part: Rectangular Wooden Blocks
 100 g block; high friction surface3.45.60.012
 100 g block; wooden surface3.05.60.012
 100 g block; low friction surface3.05.40.012
 200 g block; high friction surface3.25.40.012
 200 g block; wooden surface2.85.20.012
 200 g block; low friction surface2.85.20.012
 300 g block; high friction surface3.25.20.012
 300 g block; wooden surface2.65.20.012
 300 g block; low friction surface2.84.80.012
Total score for the Second Part26.847.60.009
  1. Bold values indicate statistically significant differences. False discovery rate method was applied to control the multiple testing problem. Besides, the Wilcoxon signed-rank test was used to analyze the improvement of the total TRI-HFT scores after wearing the orthosis