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Table 2 Results of the three linear models with mixed effects built on the responsive variables stride length, cadence and total time (Eq. 1) from gait analysis data of TUG and 18 mW at baseline, T24 h and T72 h

From: The effects of cerebrospinal fluid tap-test on idiopathic normal pressure hydrocephalus: an inertial sensors based assessment

 TUG18 mW
  Valuep-value Valuep-value
Stride length [cm](Intercept)140.30.000(Intercept)157.20.000
T24 h−0.10.878T24 h1.80.023 *
T72 h1.40.113T72 h3.10.027 *
v-iNPH vs p-iNPH−3.50.237v-iNPH vs p-iNPH−5.50.164
double support duration−1.60.000 ***double support duration−1.90.000 ***
PCI−0.020.024 *PCI−0.10.001 ***
n. turning steps−2.00.000 ***   
Cadence [strides/min](Intercept)58.80.000(Intercept)63.30.000
T24 h1.80.009 **T24 h1.50.000 ***
T72 h2.40.001 ***T72 h1.70.018 *
v-iNPH vs p-iNPH−0.60.774v-iNPH vs p-iNPH−0.70.654
double support duration−0.30.000 ***double support duration−0.40.000 ***
PCI−0.010.006 **PCI0.10.000 ***
n. turning steps0.40.015 *   
Total time [s](Intercept)−10.50.000(Intercept)−10.80.001
T24 h−1.80.190T24 h−2.90.108
T72 h−2.80.031 *T72 h−2.70.160
v-iNPH vs p-iNPH0.40.677v-iNPH vs p-iNPH2.00.137
double support duration0.60.000 ***double support duration1.20.000 ***
PCI0.10.000 ***PCI0.20.000 ***
n. turning steps1.70.000 ***   
Sit-down duration0.50.000 ***   
Stand-up duration0.50.005 **   
  1. T24 h and T72 h post 24 and 72 h the CSF tap test;
  2. v-iNPH vs p-iNPH pure iNPH group vs iNPH with vascular encephalopathy comorbidity group;
  3. PCI phase coordination index;
  4. Values of stride length are expressed in cm, of cadence in strides/min, of total time in s;
  5. Significance codes: ‘***’ p < 0.001, ‘**’ p < 0.01, ‘*’ p < 0.05