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Table 7 Results of the statistical analysis on the outcome measures stride length, cadence and total time considering the scores of clinical scales as the only predictors (model defined in Eq. 3)

From: The effects of cerebrospinal fluid tap-test on idiopathic normal pressure hydrocephalus: an inertial sensors based assessment

 TUG18 mW
 Valuep-value Valuep-value
Stride length [cm](Intercept)46.90.000(Intercept)85.60.000
T72 h−2.30.206T72 h4.00.130
Tinetti Gait2.40.209Tinetti Gait5.90.002**
Tinetti Balance1.00.583Tinetti Balance−1.60.392
Gait Status Scale−1.70.013*Gait Status Scale−2.30.022*
Grading Scale−1.40.060Grading Scale−0.70.471
Cadence [strides/min](Intercept)51.70.000(Intercept)61.00.000
T72 h2.80.002**T72 h2.50.023*
Tinetti Gait−0.30.733Tinetti Gait−0.20.838
Tinetti Balance0.30.702Tinetti Balance−0.20.825
Gait Status Scale0.40.231Gait Status Scale−0.50.247
Grading Scale−0.90.021*Grading Scale−0.40.398
Total time [s](Intercept)30.00.000(Intercept)38.70.006
T72 h−1.60.248T72 h−2.70.338
Tinetti Gait0.010.988Tinetti Gait−2.20.096
Tinetti Balance−0.60.482Tinetti Balance1.10.338
Gait Status Scale0.50.156Gait Status Scale0.60.391
Grading Scale0.80.013*Grading Scale0.80.359
  1. T72 h post 72 h the CSF tap test;
  2. Significance codes: ‘**’ p < 0.01, ‘*’ p < 0.05