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Table 4 Development vital capacity

From: Implementation of a gait center training to improve walking ability and vital parameters in inpatient neurological rehabilitation- a cohort study

  Central diagnosesPeripheral diagnoses 
Total sample (n = 780)STI (n = 329)STH (n = 131)CIPM (n = 74)NWA (n = 89)
VC t0VC t1p valueVC t0VC t1p valueVC t0VC t1p valueVC t0VC t1p valueVC t0VC t1p value
FAC at t0
 015001800< 0.001*150017000.022*120017000.001*190018000.195130020000.01*
  1. FAC Functional Ambulation Categories, VC Median vital capacity in Cubic centimeter (ccm), t0- start of inpatient rehabilitation, t1- end of inpatient rehabilitation, p value- derived from paired Wilcoxon test- *p < 0.05, STI ischemic stroke, STH hemorrhagic stroke, CIPM Critical Illness Polyneuropathy or –Myopathy, NWA patients who did not reach walking ability neither at the beginning nor at the end of rehabilitation- this subgroup n = 89 is composed as follows 45(STI) + 24(STH) + 10(CIPM) + 10(other neurological diagnosis)