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Table 3 Details of studies assessing reliability for spatiotemporal (ST), kinematic (KIN), and other biomechanical outcomes (OTHER)

From: Validity and reliability of wearable inertial sensors in healthy adult walking: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Al-Amri2018[21]2435 X Xsens MTw Awinda (Xsens Technologies BV, Netherlands)60
Bautmans2011[27]20O/20Y79/22X XDynaPort (McRoberts BV, The Hague, The Netherlands)100
Charlton2019[37]2028.3 X Invensense MPU6050 (San Jose, CA)100
Gorelick2009[46]8F/10M25/31X  IDEEA (MiniSun LLC., Fresno, CA)*
Hamacher2014[49]1971X  Xsens MTw (Xsens Technologies BV, Netherlands)75
Hamacher2015[50]17O/12Y71/26  XXsens MTw (Xsens Technologies BV, Netherlands)75
Hartmann2009[52]2373X  DynaPort (McRoberts BV, The Hague, The Netherlands)100
Henriksen2004[53]2035X XMeac-x (Mega Electronics Ltd., Kuopio, Finland)250
Kavanagh2006[58]823 X ADXL202 (Analog Devices)250
Kluge2017[60]1134X  Shimmer (Shimmer Sensing, Dublin, IR)102
Liikavainio2007[64]1029X XMeac-x (Mega Electronics Ltd., Kuopio, Finland)2000
Lyytinen2016[67]923  XMeac-x (Mega Electronics Ltd., Kuopio, Finland)1000
Manor2018[69]1430X  iPhone 4 s (Apple, CA)100
Moe-Nilssen1998[73]1923  XLogger Technologi HB (Ostragardsvagen, Sweden)128
Nishiguchi2012[74]3021  XSony Ericsson, Xperia SO-01B32
Orlowski2017[76]2526X  Shimmer (Shimmer Sensing, Dublin, IR)102
Reynard2014[78]9544  XPhysilog (BioAGM, CH)200
Saremi2006[80]1231X  IDEEA (MiniSun LLC., Fresno CA)32
Senden2009[84]2421–60  XMcRoberts BV (Hague, Netherlands)100
Teufl2019[89]24*X  Xsens MTw Awinda (Xsens Technologies BV, Netherlands)60
Teufl2018[90]2824 X Xsens MVN (Xsens Technologies BV, Netherlands)60
van der Straaten2018[94]2063 X Xsens MVN (Xsens Technologies BV, Netherlands)*
van Schooten2013[95]2029  XDynaPort (McRoberts BV, Hague, Netherlands)100
Washabaugh2017[96]1924X  Opal (Mobility Lab, APDM Inc., Portland, OR)*
Zijlstra2013[100]2074X  DynaPort (McRoberts BV, Hague, Netherlands)100
  1. *Information not reported