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Table 5 Summary of the results of gait parameters for the MR model

From: Simulation of human gait with body weight support: benchmarking models and unloading strategies

Root mean square error (m-rmse) values   
Experimental dataOverground (OG)Treadmill (TM)
Gait parameter%%%%%%
01. Hip joint - ROM2.842.83
02. Knee joint - ROM10.3612.51
03. Ankle joint - ROM18.2718.61
04. Hip extension moment18.8513.46
05. Hip flexion moment10.605.88
06. Knee extension moment21.4925.47
07. Knee flexion moment1.322.93
08. Ankle plantarflexion moment9.001.35
09. Anteroposterior GRF peak - I14.6012.14
10. Anteroposterior GRF peak - II16.6727.06
11. Muscle activity - Quadriceps22.6026.73
12. Muscle activity - Hamstrings13.5324.99
13. Muscle activity - Medial Gastrocnemius2.79
14. Muscle activity - Lateral Gastrocnemius2.472.52
15. Muscle activity - Tibialis anterior7.842.84
  1. Root mean square error (m-rmse) values with respect to the experimental data for overground (OG) and treadmill (TM) environments are presented here