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Table 1 The four study conditions and their characteristics

From: Comparison of neuromuscular and cardiovascular exercise intensity and enjoyment between standard of care, off-the-shelf and custom active video games for promotion of physical activity of persons post-stroke

Characteristics Game-paced block Self-paced block
Kinect-LR VSTEP random VSTEP repeated SOC
Visual display
Two displays used for both VSTEP conditions
White wall
Visual and audio feedback Stepping only Stepping and marching Stepping and marching None
VR perspective Third First First NA
Color differentiation of lower extremities No Yes Yes NA
Stepping volume (distance) Game-determined Customized Customized Self-determined
Stepping pattern Random Random Repeated Repeated
Stepping pace Game-determined Game-determined Self-determined Self-determined
  1. SOC standard of care, LR light race, VR virtual reality