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Table 4 Partial Spearman correlation coefficient \(\rho\) between 5 different robotic task metrics on the affected side

From: Reliable and valid robot-assisted assessments of hand proprioceptive, motor and sensorimotor impairments after stroke

   Motor    Sensorimotor
   Vel. Ext. AROM Force Flex. RMSE Slow
Sensory AE 0.32 − 0.25 − 0.11 0.50**
Motor Vel. Ext.   0.47* 0.42* − 0.20
AROM    0.45* − 0.02
Force Flex.     0.09
Sensorimotor RMSE Slow     
  1. AE: Position Matching Absolute Error,Vel. Ext.: Maximum Velocity Extension, AROM: Active Range of Motion, Force Flex.: Maximum Force Flexion, RMSE Slow: Tracking Error RMSE Slow. Statistical significance: p-value<0.05: *, p-value<0.01: **