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Fig. 3

From: Improving postural stability among people with lower-limb amputations by tactile sensory substitution

Fig. 3

taken from the power spectral density function for each trial

Exemplary data from the moving room paradigm. A An exemplary trial segment to show how the sensory substitution system works. The participant is perturbed by the oscillatory visual stimuli, resulting in large CoP displacement in the AP direction. Our system computed the BI index in real-time and changed the vibration intensity of the two vibrators (shown in blue and red, respectively) placed on the forearm of the participant. B An exemplary trial with CoP displacement (blue) and visual stimulus displacement (red) in the AP direction. The trial is shown from the 20th second to the 50th second, while in the experiment, a trial lasted 140 s. C The power spectral density of CoP displacement data of the same trial. The frequency of the visual stimulus here is 0.3 Hz. The power spectral density at the driving frequency was

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