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Table 4 The association parameters \(\beta\) for estimating the CAHAI score, Spheroids scenario

From: Estimating upper-extremity function from kinematics in stroke patients following goal-oriented computer-based training

Covariate \(\beta (\text {CAHAI})\)
Difficulty 0.333 (0.087)
TGDM 0.36 (0.15)
Diff. Distance covered 0.016 (0.088)
Diff. TGDM − 0.187 (0.098)
Log. work area 0.09 (0.10)
Log. smoothness − 0.04 (0.14)
  1. The active variables are the same as in Table 3. The values refer to the normalised variables so that the values of the different \(\beta\)s are directly comparable.