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Table 1 Search strategy for MEDLINE database

From: Patient, carer, and staff perceptions of robotics in motor rehabilitation: a systematic review and qualitative meta-synthesis

Search ID Search terms
S1 robotic* OR robot* OR robotic therap* OR robot-assisted OR robot assisted OR exoskeleton* OR assistive robotic* OR walking robotic device* OR personal care robot* OR medical robot* OR assistive OR assistive automation OR wearable robot* OR orthotic* OR orthosis OR exoskeletal* OR exo OR end-effector OR haptic* OR robot regulation*
S2 rehab* OR intervention* OR treatment* OR therap* OR program* OR strateg* OR training OR physiotherap* OR physio-therap* OR “physio therap*” OR “physical therap*”
S3 Qualitative research OR qualitative OR interview* OR focus group* OR ethno* OR phenomenolog* OR hermeneutic* OR grounded theory OR narrative analysis OR thematic analysis OR lived experience* OR life experience*
S4 (MH “Qualitative Research”) OR “Qualitative research”
S5 S3 OR S4