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Table 3 Feedback questionnaire from children and parents on perceptions of training benefit and enjoyment

From: Feasibility of a virtual reality-based exercise intervention and low-cost motion tracking method for estimation of motor proficiency in youth with autism spectrum disorder

Feedback Questionnaire: child rating  
Was the tutorial in the GaitWay Village easy to understand?  
 Yes 90%
 No 10%
Were the instructions easy to understand?  
 Yes 90%
 No 10%
Do you want to play again at home?  
 Yes 70%
 No 30%
 No 10%
Feedback Questionnaire: parent rating  
How much do you think your child enjoyed playing the games in the virtual reality headset on a scale of 1–10? M = 7.14
Did your child exhibit any frustration with the game?  
 Yes 40.00%
 No 60.00%
Did they talk about the game after the session?  
 Yes 70%
 No 30%
Do you think that playing the game helped your child improve motor skills in the real world?  
 Yes 20%
 No 10%
 Unsure 70%
How would you rate the time your child spent playing the study application?  
 Very worthwhile 50.00%
 Somewhat worthwhile 50.00%
 Not worthwhile 0.00
Would you use this at home?  
 Yes 60%
 No 40%
What would be the most prohibitive to adopt this system for therapy purposes for your child?  
 Cost 50%
 Space requirements 30%
 Game addiction potential 10%
 Time 10%
Would you limit the time your child spends playing virtual reality games?  
 Yes 90%
 No 10%