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Table 1 Technical specifications, typical preparation time, walking speed and adjustability of the exoskeleton TWIICE One 2018. The information is layout the same as Schrade et al.'s paper [39] for easier comparison

From: TWIICE One powered exoskeleton: effect of design improvements on usability in daily life as measured by the performance in the CYBATHLON race

Specifications Unit  
Weight kg 16
Intermittent peak torque Nm 100
Max. joint velocity rpm 40
Battery life h 3
Typical preparation time s 60
Typical don/doff time s 129/75
Typical walking speed m/s 0.32
Hip width m 0.340–0.400
Thigh length m 0.385–0.455
Shank length + ankle height m 0.431–0.533