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Table 8 Profiles of the volunteers. General information: a Knows what (a) stroke is (b) Had a stroke (c) Some relative or close friend had a stroke (d) Followed the rehabilitation process closely

From: A low-cost virtual coach for 2D video-based compensation assessment of upper extremity rehabilitation exercises

VID Age Sex ND/A side (a) (b) (c) (d)
V01 25–34 M Left Y Y Y Y
V02 55–64 F Left Y N Y Y
V03 65–74 F Left Y N Y Y
V04 65–74 M Left Y N Y Y
V05 25–34 M Left Y N Y N
V06 55–64 M Left Y N Y N
V07 25–34 F Left Y N N N
  1.  VID-volunteer ID, ND-non-dominant, A-affected, F-female, M-male, Y-yes, N-no