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Table 2 Themes resulting from the thematic analysis of primary end users’ data

From: ExerG: adapting an exergame training solution to the needs of older adults using focus group and expert interviews

Primary end users
1 The game environment distracts OAs from the physical and mental effort during training
2 Social relationships are of great importance and should be included in an exergame either through physical presence of therapists or direct interaction with therapists or co-players
3 Due to the age- or illness-related limitation of their personal agency, OAs desire safety during the training
4 OAs worry about feeling physically as well as technically overwhelmed. A lack of experience and concerns regarding the exposure to computer game addiction additionally leads to hesitancy regarding technology use
5 Narratively realistic training that focuses on ADL is desired to manage daily living as independently as possible
6 A wide variety of individual customization options are desired to increase motivation through successful exergame experiences
  1. PEU  primary end user, OAs  older adults, ADL  activities of daily living