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Table 3 Themes resulting from the thematic analysis of secondary end users’ data

From: ExerG: adapting an exergame training solution to the needs of older adults using focus group and expert interviews

Secondary end users
1 From the SEUs’ perspectives, a functional and individualized meaningful game design is of great importance to OAs for increasing training motivation
2 The fall protection device in the ExerCube is expected to provide OAs with a feeling of safety that will allow them to train at their individual performance limits
3 Based on the therapists' experience, digital gamification in therapy leads to an increased motivation in OAs
4 The game environment provides an opportunity to distract OAs from their functional limitations and allows them to unconsciously move more freely
5 The availability and perceived time demands of an exergame may limit its usability
6 A lack of local accessibility to and availability of the exergame after discharge from a rehabilitation center and an unawareness of alternative, non-computerized training strategies may influence adherence negatively
  1. SEUs  secondary end users, OAs  older adults