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Table 4 Themes resulting from the thematic analysis of tertiary end users’ data

From: ExerG: adapting an exergame training solution to the needs of older adults using focus group and expert interviews

Tertiary end users
1 From the TEUs’ perspectives, an evidence-based additional benefit is a prerequisite for financially supporting a research and development project, as well as for considering a financial reimbursement of exergame applications within rehabilitation
2 TEUs desire diverse training applications and settings of the ExerG in order to reach heterogeneous target populations with different impairments and at various rehabilitation stages
3 The main goal of an ExerG training should be OAs’ return to an autonomous everyday life
4 TEUs assume that OAs are reluctant to use exergames, due to a lack of experience in technology and therefore express themselves partially skeptical, critical and/or reserved about the use of the ExerG in rehabilitation settings
5 A professional training of the therapist and patient-oriented training support during exergaming are considered vital for therapeutic success
  1. TEUs  tertiary end users, OAs  older adults