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Table 1 Participant information

From: Factors leading to falls in transfemoral prosthesis users: a case series of sound-side stumble recovery responses

Participant Age Sex Prosthetic side Etiology Years of prosthesis use Prescribed prosthesis
HC 25 Male N/A N/A N/A N/A
P1 62 Male Right Trauma 49 Ottobock C-Leg
P2 42 Male Left Trauma 14 Ottobock 3R80
P3 28 Female Right Congenital 27 Ottobock C-Leg
P4 32 Male Left Trauma 4 Blatchford KX06
P5 50 Male Left Infection 5 Ottobock C-Leg
P6 30 Male Left Trauma 12 Ottobock C-Leg