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Table 1 Gaze tasks performed on each of the six visits. On trials 3 to 8, the order of tasks D, E, F, G, H, and I are randomized on each visit.

From: Simulator sickness when performing gaze shifts within a wide field of view optic flow environment: preliminary evidence for using virtual reality in vestibular rehabilitation

Trial Task
0 A) Initial reading
1 B) 10 deg head saccades to the right – calibration of head sensor
2 C) Control task – no head or eye movements
3 D) Head center, Eye saccades to ± 10 deg
4 E) Head left 50 deg, Eye saccades to ± 10 deg
5 F) Head right 50 deg, Eye saccades to ± 10 deg
6 G) Gaze stabilization during sinusoidal head movement at 0.25 Hz (VOR)
7 H) Gaze saccades to ± 40 and ± 50 deg from midline
8 I) Smooth pursuit to left between 10 – 60 deg, followed by smooth pursuit to right between 10 – 60 deg