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Table 1 Summary of stroke patients recruited in this study

From: Effects of early and intensive neuro-rehabilitative treatment on muscle synergies in acute post-stroke patients: a pilot study

Subjects ID Gender Age yrs Days elapsed from the accident Dominance Paretic side Stroke type Lesion location
Sub 01 M 82 37 R L I Right cortical-subcortical frontal
Sub 02 F 66 29 R L I Right Frontal-temporal-parietal
Sub 03 M 70 27 R L I Right cortical-subcortical precentral
Sub 04 M 70 24 R R H Left internal capsule
Sub 05 M 72 14 R L I Right cortical-subcortical parietal
Sub 06 F 71 19 R L I Right paramedian Pontis
  1. Labels in the 2nd, 5th, 6th, and 7th columns refer to: F, Female; M, Male; L, Left; R, Right; H, Hemorrhagic; I, Ischemic.