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Table 1 Wii Fit intervention studies that trained balance in healthy adults

From: Using the Wii Fit as a tool for balance assessment and neurorehabilitation: the first half decade of “Wii-search”

Author(s) Intervention details Population Balance-specific Statistical
   (Group size) Outcome measure Significance?
Bateni (2012)[36] Ski Slalom, Ski Jump and Table Older Berg balance scale Not tested
  Tilt Wii Fit games Adults (n = 5) Bubble balance score Not tested
  Dose: 12, 20 min sessions    
Padala et al. (2012)[34] Various Wii Fit games selected Older Berg balance scale p < 0.01
  from all categories Adults (n = 11) Tinetti test p < 0.05
  Dose: 40, 30 min sessions   TUG (normal) p > 0.05 p>0.05
Toulotte et al. (2012)[14] Various Wii Fit games selected Older Unilateral stance test p > 0.05
  mostly from yoga a balance types Adults (n = 9) Tinetti test p < 0.05
  Dose: 20, 60 min sessions   Wii fit center of balance p < 0.05
Rendon et al. (2012)[30] 3 Wii Fit games – not specified Older TUG (normal) p < 0.05
  Dose: 18, 40 min sessions Adults (n = 16) ABC p < 0.05
Franco et al. (2012)[28] Soccer heading, Ski jump, Ski Older Berg balance scale p < 0.001
  slalom, Tightrope and Table tilt Adults (n = 11) Tinetti test p < 0.01
  Wii Fit games    
  Dose: 6, 15 min sessions    
Young et al. (2011)[19] Two custom-designed games Older ML/AP COP variability eyes open p > 0.05
  controlled by WBB Adults (n = 6) ML COP variability eyes closed p > 0.05
  Dose: 10, 20 min sessions   AP COP variability eyes closed p < 0.05
    Tinetti falls efficacy scale Not given
Williams et al. (2011)[15] Self-selected Wii Fit games from Older Berg balance scale p < 0.01
  balance and aerobics categories Adults (n = 22)   
  Dose: 12, 20 min sessions    
Agmon et al. (2011)[18] Basic step, Soccer heading, ski Older Berg balance scale p < 0.05
  slalom and Table tilt Wii Fit games Adults (n = 7)   
  Dose: 50, 30 min sessions    
Nitz et al. (2010)[7] Self-selected Wii Fit games from Adults (n = 8) TUG (normal and cognitive) p > 0.05
  all categories   mCTSIB (foam, eyes closed) p > 0.05
  Dose: 20, 30 min sessions   mCTSIB (unilateral, eyes closed) p < 0.05
    Limits of stability test p > 0.05
Pigford et al. (2010)[1] Ski slalom, Table tilt and Deep Older Berg balance scale Not tested
  breathing Wii Fit games Adults (n = 1) TUG (normal) Not tested
  Dose: 10, 20 min sessions   ABC Not tested
Hanneton and Hanneton (2009)[2] Deep breathing, Warrior posture Adults (n = 4) Improvement in game scores Not tested
  Torso Twist, Soccer heading, Ski    Not tested
  slalom, Ski jump, Table tilt and    
  Basic step games Wii Fit games    
  Dose: 10, 37 min sessions    
  1. Abbreviations: ABC activities-based balance confidence scale, MCTSIB modified Clinical Test for Sensory Integration of Balance, ML Medial/Lateral, AP Anterior/Posterior.