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Table 1 Demographic variables of participants

From: Home-based Computer Assisted Arm Rehabilitation (hCAAR) robotic device for upper limb exercise after stroke: results of a feasibility study in home setting

Baseline characteristics Participants (n = 17)
Mean age in years 56.4 (11.5)
Male 14
Female 3
Mean time since stroke in months 24.8 (17.8)
Type of stroke  
Infarction 13
Haemorrhage 4
Side of weakness  
Right dominant 9
Right non-dominant 0
Left non-dominant 8
Left dominant 0
Other deficits  
Expressive dysphasia 6
Pain in affected arm 3
Visual inattention 1
Not in employment before stroke 13
Gave up employment since stroke 3
Employed 1