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Table 4 Qualitative themes

From: A survey of stakeholder perspectives on exoskeleton technology

      Theme* Associated categories
Psychosocial Benefits Roles & relationships, psychological, quality of life, independence, eye-level social interaction, curiosity/interest, “cool”, social, experience
Health and Physical Benefits Health, pressure management, pain control, walking, standing, exercise, transfers, rehabilitation
Uses in Daily Life Leisure, employment, functional day-to-day tasks, access, outdoor use
Larger Impacts Research & development, visibility, advocacy
Client-driven Client goals, motivation, use of available resources
Device will not work Potentially harmful, inefficient, impractical, too expensive, dislike aesthetic
Not compatible with my impairment Hemiplegia, quadriplegia, low bone density, contractures, lack of arm/hand use, poor balance, amputee, obesity, muscular dystrophy, uneven lower extremities
  1. Themes derived from responses to the open-ended question “Are there any other reasons you would use/recommend an exoskeleton?” using content analysis. A full copy of responses is included as an additional file.
  2. *Themes are ordered by prevalence within the qualitative responses.