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Table 3 List of questions asked during the semi-structured interview

From: Retraining function in people with Parkinson’s disease using the Microsoft kinect: game design and pilot testing

Question number Question
1 What type of games do you play at home?
2 Who do you play with?
3 How often do you play and for how long?
4 Where in your home do you play?
5 How often do you exercise?
6 Do you exercise with anyone?
7 What types of exercise do you do?
8 Are you self-motivated to exercise?
9 Does anyone tell you to exercise? If so, who?
10 Would you consider the game you played an “exercise game”?
11 Did the game support the right kind of exercise for you?
12 What did you think of the game you just played?
13 Could you imagine playing it at home?
14 Would you want to play the game with anyone else?
15 Did you feel safe playing the game?
16 If the game were available to use at home, would you play it?
17 If the game were available to purchase, would you buy it?