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Table 7 Response to interview questions about exercise

From: Retraining function in people with Parkinson’s disease using the Microsoft kinect: game design and pilot testing

Participant What type of exercise do you do/How often? Do you exercise with anyone? Are you self-motivated to exercise? Would you consider the game you just played an exercise game? Did the game support the right type of exercise for you?
1 Walking (1/2 mile daily) No. Occasionally with partner Yes Not really It was too easy
2 Horse riding (3 x per week) and stable care (daily). Pilates/physiotherapy exercises (30 min daily). Walk the dog (daily). Gardening (30 min weekly). Friends, daughter or employee (stable care). Yes Yes It probably was because it made me exercise my arms and shoulders.
3 Walking. Used to enjoy pilates and yoga (3 x weekly) but have stopped 6 weeks ago because of hypotension. In a group Was self-motivated before problems with hypotension Yes I think this is a good balance exercise but feel it would not suit me now because of my hypotension.
5 Yoga (3 x weekly). Aerobic and strength training once weekly. Walk daily. No. Occasionally with partner. Yes, mostly. Yes. It was also cognitively challenging. It’s not like any other physical exercise. It made me use my mind and body. Yes. I need to be encouraged to do move more. Slow movements can be off-putting but the movements in the game were right for me and didn’t trigger my tremor.
6 Incidental exercise (works on a farm daily). Otherwise no. No. Although it my children were younger I would feel more motivated to pay with them. No It was more a mind exercise. I thought I was thinking more than moving my body. No. If I thought my balance was poor and this game would help it, I would definitely play this game at home.
7 Walks 1 mile daily. No Yes No. I thought it was more of a game of coordination, reaction time and balance. Not for me.
8 Walking 3 x weekly With my partner. Yes but not enough to go to the gym. No. It’s not aerobic enough to be considered an exercise. Yes. It challenges my balance and coordination.
9 Walk about 6,000 steps daily. Circuit exercise class at the gym once weekly. Nintendo Wii once weekly. I usually exercise alone but sometimes with others. Yes Yes. Quite energetic and I felt I used my arms and legs a lot. I thought this game challenged my coordination but felt that my balance was not challenged enough.
10 Golf twice weekly. Yes. Yes. An exercise of the mind. I’m not sure. I found the game challenging.